COVID 19 and your Business

COVID 19 and your Business

“The virus is a global pandemic”, news which has put the entire world under lockdown. Where coronavirus is impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe, it has forced thousands of employees to rethink their daily life activities to work from home.

With social distancing in effect to slow down the spread of the virus, many people are now turning towards digital tools and applications to ensure 100% work efficiency. The imperativeness of the digital transformation of the workplace is not a new phenomenon.

Even if the number of cases drops down as it has in China, the global business and corporate sectors would have to struggle for months to cover up for the losses. Companies that were efficient enough to integrate advanced technology will continue to evolve their business model and organisation’s structure even in this time of financial crisis and economic restrictions.

Online marketing VS global pandemic: 

If your marketing strategies were based on offline methods and brick and mortar stores, now is the time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and make a shift towards the online marketing world. When the entire world is locked inside their houses, the internet and the online world are probably the only places people visit nowadays. However, if your business has a solid online marketing strategy, then you might be in the leading position to weather through this storm of the business shutdown.

Considering the preventive measure of social distancing now is the right time to reallocate all your sales and marketing channels and resources to amplify online growth. Invest your resources in critically important areas. Here’s how you can optimise your online marketing strategies in scenarios like this:

Retain and build customer relationship:

Focus on providing your existing customers with uninterrupted support and service. Providing exceptional customer experience could help you in acquiring more business referrals. It is the best time to strengthen your word of mouth marketing. Your loyal customers are the best bet to get better referrals, and they might become the best brand ambassadors, without costing you a penny.

Low marketing cost:

Leveraging the marketing technology and innovative automation platforms is the optimal way to reduce the marketing cost and save up on your budget. Find out the right marketing technology that aligns well with the management systems and streamline your workflows. From giving you a holistic view of online performance to reducing the cost of human resources, this technology is all you need to make it through these times of economic uncertainty.

Cost-effective digital marketing management:

Burdening your internal marketing and IT teams in this crisis with extra workload might not help you in getting the desired results. The right way is to hire on-demand marketers and decrease the go-to-market timeframe while lowering your overhead costs. Outsourcing services of low-cost online marketing companies like Adfront can help you in developing cost-effective and efficient advertising campaigns and online websites.

Undeniably, things might go out of your control and beyond your comprehension in these times of crisis. However, there always will be opportunities for effective business operations if you remain laser-focused on approaches to evolve and adapt as the current market developments.

Adfront Limited is a part of the Irish Independent News & Media Group and is located in the heart of Dublin. They have a no-contract commitment and can help grow your online presence allowing your business to stay in control.  Freephone the team on 01 571 9242 and learn how you can start your company’s online presence today, with just a click of a button.


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