Why focus on
digital marketing?

In the past few years, digital marketing has become much more than an afterthought in a company’s marketing plan. It is now a quintessential part of a company’s identity, market positioning and its relationship with customers.

With that in mind and considering how simple it is nowadays to outsource these services, it is definitely worth considering that option.

Improve your Communication with your Clients

Digital Marketing opens a series of new channels to reach your clients and vice-versa. Social Media, for example, has dramatically improved the communication between companies and their customers. Not only does it allow you to quickly learn their needs but it also gives you an amazing tool to answer them – and not just in terms of market research for your products, but also for customer support. It can also help you clarify any PR blunders that may happen.

Here is an anecdote about children’s medicine that might paint a clearer picture.

Someone with a quite large social media following posted an old article saying that this medicine had to be removed from the market due to a product defect. Most people, including the person who posted it, didn’t notice the date of the article and there was a wave of outrage and people boycotting the product. The brand noticed a drop in its sales during flu season, which is the opposite of what they were expecting.

At the time, they didn’t believe they would need digital marketing or social media for their product because it’s a household brand. The problem is, if something like this happens you have to act very quickly. Traditional media won’t be able to respond in a timely manner and your sales will keep dropping until an announcement is made.

The many contact points that digital marketing creates between you and your clients will make it much easier and quicker to reach your audience in situations like this one and keep you from losing business.

Strengthen your Brand

Digital marketing and its tools enable you to control your brand’s image, your brand’s voice and tone of communication towards your audience and how to reach them. It is incredibly useful to strengthen your business position, to stay on top of what your customer base is looking for and to keep track of what your competition is doing.

The percentage of people using the internet and the amount of time they spend online keeps growing. If your competitors use that to their advantage, that might mean you will start losing business at some point for the following reasons:

  • They will be able to provide a solution to your client’s problem faster by making themselves more readily available online.

  • They will be the first solution your clients think of because they’ve been more exposed to their brand or their products on social media, Google ads, banners, website, emails, etc.

  • They know more about your competition because they have more information available online and that’s the first place where people do their research when they are looking for a service or product nowadays.

  • The best part is that if you want to invest in digital marketing you won’t have to go through the trouble and expense of hiring and training your own in-house marketing team.

You can simply hire the services of a digital marketing agency. These trained experts will be ready to deliver the best results and will guide your company through this new way of approaching business, strategy and communication. You can reap great benefits without going through a lot of trouble.

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