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User Testing

User testing evaluates the user experience of a product or parts of a product. User testing is necessary before introducing a product to the market, checking to see the results of a product amendment or modification to a product. Through user testing, you understand a customer’s experience instead of your idea of what that experience would be. At A63 Digital, we know what makes the best website user experience and thus have ways to take the hassle of user testing from you. We guarantee your website will attract and sustain users’ attention and convert them into sales.

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user testing

Why do User Testing?

User testing is the best way to know whether you are on the right track in product development. You could be developing products or parts of your product that is redundant or useless to the end-user. User testing in the early stages will help you steer the process in the right direction. The process allows you to identify parts of the products that users don’t like. Additionally, it minimises customer support work and expenses. The opinion of end-users won’t be as subjective as those in-house.

User testing Process


Create a test plan

You need a plan covering activities that will give you the answers you need. It includes asking questions, giving people tasks to perform, etc.


Target an audience

Decide who will be the target audience and the best way to approach them.


Engage with the audience

Engagement entails reaching out to the audience and presenting your activities. Gather as much information as possible about their experience, such as what they like, don’t like, wish to see, etc.


Discover and analyse

Use appropriate tools for an efficient exploration and analysis of the findings.


Share insights

Distribute the findings from the exercise to the appropriate departments or persons of concern.

User testing FAQ

Does user testing really work?

Yes, user testing works since it leads to the development of products best suited to customer’s needs User testing reveals important details that in-house testing has no realistic way of identifying. For example, subjecting a website to a real-world use environment reveals how a regular customer would feel seeing your landing page.

Is user testing expensive?

The cost of user testing depends on the service provider you use and the amount of work. A way to reduce those costs is to consider the bundle offers from a service provider that includes other services such as web development.

Who should do user testing?

Everyone with an app, a website or other interactive portal that connects customers with their products needs user testing services. User testing enables you to understand the kind of user experience people receive when engaging your business. It’s crucial to be sure that the experience is delightful and satisfactory.

When should you do user testing?

You need do user testing  before commencing the product’s design process. User testing is also necessary during the process and right before launching the product.

What are the three types of user testing?

1. Alpha testing, the initial step at the development stage.
2. Beta testing, the second step that’s like trial runs in the market to point out faults with the product before completing the design process.
3. Acceptance testing to check whether all areas of concern are addressed before releasing the product.

Is usability testing different from user testing?

Yes, it is. User testing informs you if users in the target market need the product, while usability testing checks if users can successfully use the product under development.