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Social Media Marketing is an important part of any Web 3.0 marketing strategy. For businesses, it’s especially important to know which social media channels to use. Is Facebook enough, or can Twitter or Instagram also play a role in your strategy? What are other social networking platforms available? Which ones offer the most suitable channel for your business? To help you in your decision, we present an overview of the most popular social networking platforms of the moment.

Facebook – the world leader

Facebook is considered the mother of social media platforms and serves primarily as a means of communication between its members, but also between private users and businesses. On official profiles of service providers or brands, there are exchanges of praise, criticism and experience. This real-time interaction is a great challenge for community management, but can also significantly enhance customer retention.

Whoever talks about social networks cannot miss Facebook. The entry into the market of new networks in recent years has not changed anything to the supremacy of the American giant. The annual social media marketing report highlights Facebook’s undisputed position as a leader in the most widely used social networks with 93% of marketing professionals surveyed using this platform, despite competition from other networks.


The micro-blogging platform for photos and videos has grown to become one of the most well-known social networks, with about 9.8 million users. Photos and videos can be shared on Facebook, but Instagram has a dynamic of its own, with dominant themes. The image has a central place in this social network. The Instagram app offers countless photo editing features. The famous Hashtag (#) allows to separate or highlight photos according to certain categories.

In recent years, this model has proven successful for many businesses as a product placement advertising method. For some time, there is also the possibility to advertise via ads on the feed News Instagram.


Pinterest brings together 2.7 million users. Many use Pinterest as inspiration for fashion, decor, architecture, food, and tourism. The platform is a kind of virtual wall and differs from the most classic social networks. Although Pinterest is not so much oriented towards interactions and communications, this network lends itself very well to customer loyalty and reinforcement as well as brand consolidation. The principle is simple: users collect images and other publications on their walls, whether from their publications or another user. Themes structure these “walls”. It is also possible to follow other users and include their contents in your newsfeed. Advertising opportunities consist of so-called sponsored pins, mixed with other content.


Snapchat has grown enormously in recent years. Thanks to the “My Story” feature, users can post photos and videos one after the other, chronologically and available for only 24 hours for their contacts. Once this time has passed, the contents are deleted automatically. Regular text messages can also be sent through the application, which has taken it a step closer to instant messaging.

You can make use of the above-mentioned social media platforms to make the best use of them for promotion of your business. It is an easier way to increase the awareness of your company for a larger number of users.

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