The importance of SEO

In Digital Marketing it’s very common to hear the phrase: “Content Is King.”

Most of us have heard it several times, but not everyone is familiar with its origin or the reason for its longevity. It should come as no surprise that this maxim was originally shared by Bill Gates, who wrote an essay back in 1996 that had that same title “Content is King”.

The version that would make more sense nowadays would need an update “Fresh Content Is King”. This way, it emphasizes the importance of featuring fresh, new content on a regular basis.

Why is fresh content so critical for your website and SEO?

Users Often search for New Content

Internet users resort to a host of different websites and other digital platforms to provide relevant, up-to-date, and trustworthy information – as fast as possible too. While a substantial portion of users develops a certain loyalty to the websites they visit more frequently – that loyalty won’t persist if the website is not updated on a regular basis or relies solely on content that attracts a certain number of regular users.


The Perks of Frequent Updates and Engaging Content

Internet users value new content and prefer to go to websites where they know they will find fresh material regarding their topics of interest, posted on a regular basis.  If you want to attract and retain visitors to your website, you have to offer something they clearly value: interesting, engaging, and frequently updated content. It has to be genuinely valuable in the eyes of the visitor, which means it is informative, entertaining, and unique.

Whenever you find yourself planning your content for your website, keep in mind that it’s essential to have some form of differentiation from the contents found on other competing websites, so visitors feel as though the content they find on your site is truly unique and won’t be found in any other place online.

Positive Impact on SEO

The biggest search engines rely on bots or webcrawlers to identify and index any newly shared content that can be included in the search results.

Search engines constantly seek out and index new content, and if your website provides more content to index that is a huge plus and it will positively affect your ranking. The better you’re website is placed on this ranking, the more visitors it will attract because when they search for the type of content you share, your website will be among the first results to be shown on the search engine’s results page.

Fresh Content and Organic Keyword Optimisation

Even with all the sophisticated algorithms used by the most notorious search engines, keyword optimisation is still a key component of SEO.

Keyword stuffing is no longer rewarded by search engines and it ends up penalizing your website’s ranking. This is why it is so critical to determine which keywords are the most relevant to your website’s audience and organically introduce them in the fresh, new content you publish on your site.

When publishing new content on a regular basis, you create opportunities to use organic keyword optimization that will be rewarded with a much more beneficial position in the search results page.

Basically, if you have a loyal base of readers and a steady position in search engine results, you and your website are far more likely to be perceived as an authority on whatever subject your site is focused on. As an authority figure, you and your company stand to benefit a great deal from the improved credibility that accompanies being perceived as an expert on a particular subject.

Search engines manage to recognize when users view a website as providing the expert’s perspective on a particular subject, which means your website will reap additional rewards because of this recognition through improved SEO. Without a loyal base of readers constantly looking forward to the new and interesting content your site reliably provides, it is almost impossible to develop such an authoritative reputation. This is yet another reason illustrating why fresh content is so critical for your website and SEO.

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