The best social media platforms

Social Media and its importance to a company’s communication strategy has been steadily growing and evolving for the past few years.

If we take all the social media platforms into account, they connect literally billions of people nowadays. Which means if you make the right choices with regards to which platforms you use and create relevant content, the sky’s the limit for how much your brand can grow.

How do I choose?

If you are defining your social media strategy, it is helpful to determine first what your goals are and what platforms are best to achieve them.

It can also help you reach different segments of the audience. For example, if you want to reach a younger crowd maybe try Snapchat or if you want to reach career oriented people try LinkedIn.

“I would like to improve my online customer support”

If this is one of your strategic goals, and if you would like to offer a quick solution to your customers’ then Twitter might be the right tool for you. It’s important to check what demographics use Twitter in your country or area so everyone can make the most of it.

Twitter not only allows your customers to quickly reach you for assistance, but you can also reply to them instantaneously.

If you hire a good community manager, it can seriously improve your brand’s image and reputation.

Transparency is one of the biggest trends for social media this year, and Twitter is great if you want to take that approach.

“Can my customers reach me through Facebook or Instagram?”

People can obviously reach you through other social media platforms, and it’s always a good idea to encourage positive interactions with the brand.

Facebook and Instagram are tailored towards story-telling and showing the lifestyle that contextualizes your brand, so it might come off as a little messy for other users if a desperate customer is spamming your comment section with customer support issues.

Why should I have both Instagram and Facebook?

They’re both good for story-telling but the way you consume the contents on both platforms is different since Instagram is more visual and Facebook allows more diversity of topics.

They are both great also for targeting different segments of your audience. Instagram used by younger or trendier audiences and Facebook being now a more family-oriented social network.

You choose your social media platforms according to your goals and your preferred audiences. It’s also important to take into account what kind of content you plan to produce and share and choose accordingly.

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