The benefits of branded content

Digital Marketing is an essential part of a brand’s communication and marketing strategy, there’s no questioning that.

The thing is, everyone is already on that wagon. That means the internet and all its most popular websites or social media platforms are now crawling with display ads, pre-roll ads and all sorts of online advertising mediums and the audience has quickly become over saturated.

The presence of display ads and such has become so overwhelming for the average internet user that in some cases it has the opposite of the desired effect: instead of attracting a new customer, too many ads can end up repelling them.

The answer to that over saturation has been around for some time, but only now has this expression turned into a bit of a buzzword among marketers: branded content.

What is Branded Content then?

Basically, instead of advertising a product or a service, you create content that tells a story that reflects the culture or the values of your brand without necessarily featuring the brand or the product.

The content becomes more relatable for the consumer since it has a greater chance of creating an emotional reaction. If the narrative is compelling and the content is well executed, it can seriously improve the idea that the audience has regarding a certain brand of company.

A very popular example of this kind of marketing strategy is the Dove Real Beauty Sketches – where a professional sketch artist drew portraits of women based on their descriptions of themselves and then these portraits were compared to those based on the descriptions other people made of the same women. The comparison showed that women tend to have a poor self-image and rarely describe themselves as beautiful. A lot of people found that to be very moving, it went viral for being so relatable for so many viewers and Dove started being perceived as more trustworthy. It was one of the most popular campaigns that year, yet the products that Dove sell were never featured.

How can I use it for my Company?

If you don’t have an in-house marketing team or if they’re not experienced or trained in content strategy, you can always hire an agency to come up with the perfect narrative that fits your company’s values and message.

It’s not easy to create a compelling story and to yield that emotional connection with an audience if you’ve never ventured into such a thing – so it’s always better to trust an experienced team of professionals.

If you feel like your current marketing strategy isn’t having the same impact anymore, branded content might be the way to go.

The results so far have been impressive, and your company can gain a lot from it.

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