Let Your Business Stand Out Over Christmas

6 ways to make sure your business takes the best advantage of the festive season

Christmas is without a doubt the prime time of the year to achieve – or even beat! – the yearly sales goals that have been determined for your business. It arguably starts around Black Friday/Cyber Monday but most brands are already setting their plans straight for the Holiday season long before that.

This, of course, means you will have some fierce competition in getting your audience’s attention and that is exactly why we have compiled this list of tips to stand out.

1. Exclusive Promotions and Flash Sales

Christmas is upon us, and if there’s anything customers love more than their family and friends is buying their Christmas gifts for a bargain.

All jokes aside, it is a great way to draw attention to your business, it provides a context for new campaigns and contents to keep things moving in your social media, website and e-commerce shopfront and it helps your website become more relevant in search engines.

2. Make Sure your Directories Listing is Up to Date

To make the most of your flash sales, it is very important to make sure that all the information in your Directories Listing is up to date and consistent, otherwise it will be hard for potential customers to come across your products while doing their online research for Christmas gifts.

If you’re not super confident about your knowledge in this area, you can contact digital marketing agencies to give you a hand in keeping all your information updated, correct and in the right places for maximum impact!

3. Create content that will connect with your customers

The internet is over saturated with commercials and ads in every website or platform you visit. What better way to stand out than to make a genuine connection with your clientele?

Be mindful of your target audience, their needs and what insights about them are useful to create this meaningful or useful content. Share your values as a brand, your history, what sets you apart and what you value the most about your base. Also, be thankful and show your clients how much you appreciate them.

4. Get Facebook to be your sidekick for the Holidays

Facebook is one of the biggest social media titans out there, if not the biggest.

It would be a waste to not make the most out of their resources to reach new audience members during this time of year with tasty exclusive offers, tailored contents, mobile ads, the works. If you’re not familiar with all of Facebook’s business tools, you can always reach out to professionals to develop a well-crafted Facebook campaign to explore your business page’s full potential.

5. Organizing is key

The best way to guarantee you’ll have the best results during the holidays is to start early and keep things organized. Set campaign goals, keep a tidy schedule of all the important dates before Thanksgiving and Black Friday until the New Year’s Sales – try to be as inclusive as possible of other cultures celebrations’ as well – come up with ideas for special promos, campaigns or content to publish on those specific dates, define which are the best time frames for each of those ideas and make sure you have all the necessary material to launch them (pictures, videos, banners, etc). This way you will also have time to make adjustments or rethink things you’re not 100% satisfied with.

6. Break the mold and be bold

To captivate people’s interest, it’s always a great idea to try something different than what you’re used to. The internet is rife with innovative ideas and suggestions for campaigns or initiatives that will be a breath of fresh air for your customers. These fresh ideas can be funny, or heartwarming, a special event on a specific date, or an advent calendar of little surprises and promotions up until Christmas, or anything else that would add value and spark your audience’s curiosity.

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