Planning your social content

If you work in Digital Marketing, you know that for a social media strategy to be successful it requires proper planning, ahead of time. It is not just posting on Instagram or Facebook anymore. It’s time to take a more holistic approach, as in, looking at the marketing strategy as a whole and coordinating your social media efforts accordingly. Social media, traditional media, SEM campaigns, email campaigns, website developments, everything has to be coordinated for maximum efficiency.

Having a common place for each team across your company or organisation to manage social media content, pose questions, make suggestions, allows for a much smoother implementation of your social media marketing plans.

Social Media Calendar

A social media content calendar is a working document used to schedule every item on your content list. It should feature every content you’ll post across all social media platforms for the month, week, day, and even sometimes the specific time of the day.

This document serves as a communication tool to post content, copy, hashtags, and tags to be used for each post. This is extremely important because it allows you and your coworkers to plan and make sure that you’re sending the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

A well-maintained and organised social media content calendar keeps all your marketing efforts focused on the same goals. In doing so, you’re able to strategically implement a plan of action for your overall marketing strategy as well.  It also allows you to arrange and analyse data across all your social media platforms for a better understanding of what is or isn’t working in your strategy.

Social Media Planning

One of the benefits of organising your social media content calendar is how it helps you visualise your social content strategy over a certain period of time and make sure everything makes sense across all social channels.  It helps you plan your efforts around important opportunities in your industry or company, like holidays or sales. A solid social media calendar allows plenty of time to fill space with relevant content that is valuable to your audience rather than posting less relevant content in a rush.


Using an organising tool allows you to develop a unified voice and create a consistent flow of content that continues to build towards your ultimate marketing goals and improve your brand’s image and reputation.  Planning out your social media content keeps your brand voice consistent and makes your content a reliable source of information for members of your industry.


In addition to planning, a social media calendar aids in the efforts of reporting and following up, which is also very helpful to a community manager.  Did the whole social media plan go into action? Did we achieve our goals? What worked? What didn’t work? This information is key to understanding if your efforts saw a return on your investment.

It also makes your life easier when creating posts by reducing the need to dig for fresh content.  You’ll be able to look across all your marketing efforts and make the best decisions about the timing of your social posts.  You’ll inevitably be thrown off at some point as mistakes do happen, but with a solid organisational system in place, you won’t go into a full panic mode in the middle of a hectic sales season and you need to brainstorm a quality Facebook post to promote your brand for this crucial time.

Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar

Take the first step, organise your content calendar.  You don’t have to opt for complex software, you can start by using a simple spreadsheet.  Add columns such as date, social channel, photo/video, post copy, and hashtags. Start filling it in and using it.  You can always add, remove, or adjust the information. Now you will always have a plan in place.

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