Digital marketing is probably one of the fastest developing fields in today’s advertising landscape, and it has taken over the world.  It is nearly impossible to know every key component of an effective digital marketing strategy as it comprises numerous features and limitless possibilities.

It is a challenging task,  to have mastery of such a complex subject when it is not your core business focus.

To be competitive, investing in a well-planned digital marketing plan is a clever decision for your company. Outsourcing this task partially or completely to a digital marketing agency might be something to consider.

Experience and Expertise

An effective digital marketing team would ideally be comprised of experts in strategy, marketing, content, design, branding, lead generation, ad campaign managers, development and more, with experience across multiple industries. When you outsource, you have the chance of hiring the best in that field to aid you and your company with establishing the digital marketing plan for your business.

The inputs received from these resources will be consistent and have tremendous value, which might not happen with an in-house marketing team.

Good agencies also have access to special tools and software, which gives them access to all sorts of useful data that will benefit your company. The best part is that your company won’t be the one investing in the expensive tools required to have the best results.


The team members in an agency have to constantly research and brainstorm ideas to enhance digital marketing results and improve their brand image in the market, otherwise they may become obsolete. Well acquainted with and experienced in the digital field, their minds are often brimming with different ideas that may provide innovative, creative and new solutions.

You cannot afford the time it takes to create an in-house team of digital marketing experts, so the best option for scaling businesses should be finding an agency that takes up the task of creating an online strategy and execute it in a way that gives your business an immediate edge over its top competitors.

More Time to Invest in your Core Activity

Agencies have a balanced structure featuring various departments. These may consist of strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, content writers, web designers etc. There’s an equal distribution of work between the employees who will perform the tasks assigned to them within a set deadline. Running a successful digital marketing strategy requires a skilled group of people to develop a plan, and only after the strategy is decided upon can the implementation occur.

Growing businesses are increasingly opting for outsourcing non-core activities to third parties, as it consumes a lot of resources to try and be competitive in non-core activities.

If digital marketing is not the core area of your business, then outsourcing is a tactical and beneficial decision. You and your company can now focus exclusively on the central aspect of your business.

Plenty of Options that Best fit your Business 

In order to achieve results with digital marketing, all functions involved must work together to achieve the goals you establish. These functions may include digital strategy, creative design, quality content production, analytics, inbound marketing, search marketing, content marketing, social media, digital media buying, ad campaign management and more. One option is to partially outsource it.

For instance, you may decide to keep the strategy part of digital marketing in-house and outsource other components. Another option could be that you outsource strategy, content production and social media marketing, and manage other components in-house. Hybrid models are possible and many are already doing it as well.

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then you can decide what to outsource and what you can properly manage in-house.

Changes in the profit of your company will quickly affect your marketing approach. The costs of expanding or reducing digital marketing functions can be very expensive when done internally. Outsourcing will avoid this as most agencies charge according to project and the option of scaling up and down your marketing plan is always available.

Maintenance and Development

Good agencies will do anything in their power to bring a business into prominence, as the success of their clients adds to the success of the agency itself. The reputation of an agency depends on the amount of success their clients have achieved.

The work of agencies does not stop after the creation of a website, social media channels or a strategy. They are in charge of the further maintenance and development of the website and its respective content.


A good agency continually reviews the digital strategy to further optimise the results. A digital marketing agency has to keep itself informed of the latest technology, trends, industry updates and case studies.

Working with clients from a wide range of industries with different visions and goals, they have a broader and better insight, and will know what combinations of digital channels will best suit your business type.

Access to the best Professionals at a lower cost


To increase traffic, brand awareness, customer engagement and sales, your company needs to be active in multiple digital marketing and advertising platforms. An integrated multi-channel digital marketing and communications strategy is what brands look at.

Are you able to set up an in-house digital marketing team? Do you already have one?

Setting up and managing a full digital marketing department involves quite a lot of time and money. You will need experts in several fields within this area of business. For success in the digital world, it’s crucial that marketers stay on top of emerging trends, best practices, and new technologies.  If you manage digital marketing in-house, training and development will also consume resources. Alternatively, if you outsource, you save on training and development costs.

To make the most of digital marketing opportunities and in order to grow your business, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency would probably be the most time and cost-efficient idea.

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