New year business resolutions

With another year nearing its end, it’s always a healthy exercise to look back, contemplate and discuss everything: what went above expectations, what went according to plan, what turned out underwhelming or simply not good.

It’s a good time to let go of the stress and mindset of the previous year and get into gear in order to face a new one, with renewed energy and refreshed ideas.

1. Review and Update your Business Model

Things are moving at such a fast pace nowadays, that it would be really unwise to not routinely review and improve your Business Model.

You can even start scheduling regular meetings to discuss and fine tune it according to how the market is evolving, to what the business metrics and data are telling you or what better solutions can be found for your business to thrive. See what’s not working and ditch it.

Instead of settling for what works moderately well, settle only for what brings your business the most benefits and the best results. Learn how to make the most of your team members and all of your resources.

2. While You’re at it, Take a Look at Your Marketing Plan as Well

With the huge changes that Digital Marketing has brought, to the way brands and businesses interact with their audiences, it is absolutely necessary to revamp your Marketing Plan accordingly.

See what are the trends for 2019, see which ones are more pertinent to your brand, find ways of testing them out before implementing them. If you don’t feel very confident in your skills or your opinions on the subject, contact a Digital Marketing Agency to review your company’s strongest and weakest points and to help you define a new strategy to expand your audience, such as us, Adfront.

3. Improve your Relationship with your Customers

With so many ways to interact with your audience nowadays, it would be a bad business decision to waste these useful resources. Getting your clients’ feedback and insight on how your product or service could improve to better serve their needs can dictate the future of your business.

Improve your Social Media presence, invest a bit more in Community Management and in platforms that allow (or even encourage) your customers to leave reviews. A user is more likely to convert into a customer if it has access to other people’s opinions on the product or service before making that decision.

Creating a bond with your clientele is a great way of boosting brand loyalty and sales.

4. Review and Optimize your Online Presence

To reap the benefits of an improved Marketing Plan and a closer relationship with your audience, it is essential that every channel your using to reach them is working perfectly and that your business is very easy for them to find whenever they need what you’re offering.

If you don’t have an employee with the skills to do it, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to go through your website or your e-commerce platform to check if everything is working properly and to make sure you are offering your customers a great online buying experience.

5. Train and Delegate

In small businesses the urge to do everything ourselves is often hard to control  – it’s only this small task, I’ll just take care of this really quickly, etc – until we end up frazzled and unfocused on what our actual tasks should be.

It’s important to make sure you and your employees have proper training so everyone can make their own decisions without needing the approval of a superior, or realize that a task is out of their field of action and another professional should be called into action.

6. Set Up Realistic Goals

It is important to analyse your circumstances and take into account your strengths and your weaknesses, your competitors, your market, and all other factors that can make a goal viable or not.

Having realistic goals will make it easier to define and delegate tasks and strategies, it will make you and your employees more focused and motivated because these goals are more within reach. Tangible results are a great source of motivation and momentum for any business.

7. Keep Yourself and Your Team Happy

One of the most important aspects of a business is their employees; how skilled and valuable they are, how productive and creative they are, how relaxed and content they are in the workplace. There are several ways to avoid wearing them out – employee burnout is no joke and it can be very damaging not just for the employee but for the brand’s reputation as well.

Respect business hours, respect their privacy and their off time, pay them adequately according to their value, keep things dynamic in the workplace by having the occasional team-building experience or by going to networking events.

8. Give Back to the Community

In a time when there is virtually no distance between brands and audiences, it is now more important than ever to show publicly what your brand’s core values are.

A great way of doing that is by getting involved in your community, supporting a great cause that’s close to your heart and that will make your customers feel closer to your company and see it as more authentic and trustworthy.

With all of that being said, wishes everyone a very happy Christmas and successful New Year for 2019. Here’s to a lot of new goals being reached, a lot of inspiring moments and a lot of growth in every possible way!

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