Is a domain name the key to success?

The Key To Success

In this technological era, people are more intrigued towards exploring through the internet. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established businessman; or a student who wants to showcase their work in a better way. You need to figure out numerous websites for your research work

To discuss the key importance of any website’s domain name, first of all, let’s discuss what a domain name is? A domain name is a special name which identifies a specific website. If you want to make your company sound professional, then you must own a unique domain name.

A catchy domain name will enhance the awareness of your brand as well as it becomes easy for customers to remember. A good domain name can generate traffic to your website. The traffic will ultimately lead to your potential customer.

Here are some tricks through which you can make your website successful by using a domain name.

Choose a Unique Name

Your website name is the foundation of your business and represents your brand. This is important to understand. A smart business will have a smart and unique domain name. By doing so, you will distinct yourself from competitor brands. Generic names must be avoided so that your website is easy to remember for your customers, and the product/service. You can look up for multiple names that are related to  your product/service.

The Domain Name Must be Easy to Remember

The most visited websites have few things in common. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Yahoo are all simple enough to remember and catchy enough to generate interest. Therefore, it becomes user friendly. Once you have picked a few names, ask your friends to vote for one. It will help you to choose the best one from customer opinion.

Don’t Use Numbers Or Hyphens

Avoid using numbers or hyphens. It only adds confusion and makes the name difficult to memorise. Try to keep the name simple to get and easy to note.

Pick the Appropriate Category for Your Website

The last part of your website is known as generic top-level domains (gtlds). These include .com .info .edu or .org. the website should also include your country origin. These are known as country-code top-level domain (ccTLDs). When choosing a final domain name, you need to keep these elements in mind. If you are involved in a commercial activity, the gTLD will be >.com. Information and education-based website will have .info and .net in the end, respectively. If your website represents a non-profit organisation, the gTLD will be .org. You may also use the intials of your country to make it more relevant.

Always Check Trademark

Before finalising a domain name, check that the name is available on social media sites. if there are any trademarks already registered on the name, you must not violate the rules. Make sure not to violate any trademarks. If you are lucky enough to find a distinct trademark, then you can easily avoid the legal issues.

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