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Should my business use Instagram?

Instagram is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms of our time. But why is there still so much enthusiasm over a social media app that has been around for so long? If your business isn’t on Instagram, here’s why you should get your brand on the platform immediately.

Instagram continues to excel as a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand their presence and their visibility on social media.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network which allows users to share videos and photos on a personal or business page, which can then be viewed by their followers or anyone around the world. Those followers can then engage with that content in other ways like commenting or liking the picture.

A somewhat recent update, the Instagram stories, added another interesting channel for marketers to explore while defining a social media strategy for their clients. Also the live option gives brands a chance to get close and personal with their followers, which also boosts their loyalty and proximity to the brand’s universe.

Why is it so popular?

It’s visually-oriented and instant, users love to consume images and videos or get feedback on their content seconds after they are shared.  It’s entertaining, easy to use and the positive feedback we get when we share our worldview can be very encouraging. According to Instagram, their social media presence has currently over 800 million active users.

Of those hundreds of millions of people, over 500 million are on the platform on a daily basis, many of them checking the site multiple times each day.

Even for the best-known companies success will not come overnight, but with the guidance of a marketing team it will be easier to get your brand on the map. It can be done by keeping an active presence and maintaining a routine of consistent and appealing content.

Instagram has evolved over the years, and now there is a greater emphasis on making money through product placement.

It started offering the option of shoppable posts, and they allow businesses to add tags to the products in their photos with links that include a product description, price and the ability to “shop now,” which will lead the user to your online store.

If you feel like it might be too challenging to maintain a solid presence on Instagram that could result in more business for your brand, you can contact Adfront to further enquire about or services.

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