Increase your traffic through strategic marketing

What mistakes to avoid in adopting a successful promotion strategy?

Wanting to increase traffic on your site can sometimes be more complicated than expected. Despite what many marketing tips claim, your customers are never completely predictable. A strategy that has been proven so far can suddenly be ineffective and threaten your visibility, or an editorial strategy that has not paid off can suddenly blow up your traffic.

So it is important to focus on the social networking strategies that work, and this to significantly increase your traffic.

Make a plan of attack

Even before the modification of Google’s algorithms, the quality of content already played a major role in the editorial strategy. Many strategies persist in adopting a volume-based mass strategy to generate clicks and contacts on their site.

If you were up to on different platforms without a specific plan, it is in your best interest to rethink your strategy. With the following tips on using social networks, you should be able to optimise your online marketing strategy and gradually increase your traffic:

1. Define the schedule of your publications beforehand: when and how much

2. Gather your drafts of ideas and projects in a follow-up document

3. Perform quality control of published content: aim for good quality

4. Analyse in detail the results obtained.

Publish unique quality content and feel free to recycle it

Planning for publications on different social networks increases the traffic of a site. If the first post often has more clicks, you can still double that number of clicks and double your traffic by publishing the same content a second and third time.

Remember, your customers are not just numbers. Avoid exposing your network members on Facebook and Twitter multiple times to identical formulations. In the worst case, this would have the effect of encouraging your followers to ignore your posts once this content identified as a marketing message.

Carefully test the boundaries of your target audience

That your message is immediately identified as spam is the worst thing that can happen to you. How can one then apprehend the moment when this critical point is reached?

First, you have to ask when a text exceeds this limit. Be attentive to the level of involvement of your followers on social networks: carefully observe the effects of a publication on your traffic. Does what you post generate comments from your followers? If a comment is negative, do not be demoralised by an isolated voice, learn what it teaches you and correct the shot!

Confront the feedback of your customers to your strategy, through their sharing, comments and remarks. Posting identical content multiple times increases the chances that your content will spread virally.

If already published content is still relevant, do not be afraid to recycle it with new catchy titles. Always keep in mind that your clients are not machines, and they remain unpredictable. What was still working a month ago can suddenly disappoint your expectations and vice versa? So keep looking for different things to improve your marketing strategies.

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