How to Make Old Marketing New Again

The brand ages along with the targeted audience. The brand also needs to pace up with the generation. It even happens that the brand has a sales growth while aging slowly if the customer does not renew. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant and to intervene at the first signs of fatigue. Questioning is also necessary; some brands have aged because of outdated management.

Some brands are currently slowly entering a process of aging (beware, this is only a personal analysis, which is worth it!): Adidas (unlike its competitor Nike who knows how to touch the younger generation, even the most technophiles) and Apple.

Look after the image

Your visual identity is what affects consumers first and foremost. Our world is based on the image we refer to, and the brands are not different on this point. In this, the logo is the strongest element of your visual representation. Everything that constitutes it may seem old-fashioned. The graphic style, the colors, the typos used send back a message, a state of dynamism and time. Trends are changing, and your logo will need rejuvenation from time to time.

The big difficulty in the graphic representation of brands is to stand out while keeping the codes associated with its market and its category of products.

Review your marketing strategies

I’ll have to put this point first, before the graphical aspect. Indeed, it is the entire marketing mix that comes into play to win back the hearts of consumers. If you want to hit new targets, it’s important not to lose those who supported you when your brand was less fit. Capitalize on this group.

To awaken your brand, it is important to respect the composition, which has affected the first generation of consumers. That may be its history, its values, its identity, as many anchors in the mind of the consumer that you can not push too much. On the contrary, make it a lever by building your new strategy on this basis.

Live an experience

Putting the human in the heart of your sales process can transform the experience of your customers. We all want to be listened to, or courted, by a brand we love. Let’s put the adage in the middle: ” the customer is king.” I do not speak of this reception a little cold with a tense smile. No, welcome and serve the customer as you would like to be yourself.

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