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Showing the presence of your business on Facebook is necessary for most traders and entrepreneurs. It is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to reach customers. However, you must keep in mind the important rules for developing a Facebook page. You must not miss out on the essential details regarding it.

Create a Facebook page

You are a business, not a private person. Create a Facebook page, not a personal account. You will have access to statistics, and several people will manage your business page. Facebook guides you through creating your business page.

Grow your audience

The primary purpose of a Facebook page is to publicise your business. To extend the reach of your publications beyond your circle of friends, acquaintances or clients, you will need to invest in paid advertising to reach your future clients. No need to spend astronomical sums. A few dozen euros each month, judiciously used, will already allow you to achieve excellent visibility.

Publish regularly

If your last ticket dates from 2014, it’s better not to have a Facebook page. But, conversely, it’s useless to post dozens of nonsenses every day. You would weary your audience.

Plan and prepare your messages

For this, I advise you to use Facebook features that allow you to schedule multiple publications at once. Choose a time when you have a little time: Sunday morning, for example!

Vary the formats: Use photos and videos

inspire your fans. Did you know that visuals generate a lot more sharing? Some even have an obvious viral power! Beautiful photos or videos inspire for sure.

Manage your page yourself or delegate to someone you trust

You know your business best, but Facebook is not your priority. Find, either an employee or a passionate professional with whom you will manage your 4-handed page. Facebook is a showcase of your activity. Do not underestimate it!

Adopt a clean tone to Facebook

Consumers who follow a brand or company on Facebook expect to find specific content or even exclusive benefits. Seasonality is an interesting factor to exploit: Christmas, holidays, Halloween, Mother’s Day so many opportunities to adapt your offers and publications to appeal to your audience.

Facebook is, for many, a space of relaxation. Organise contests, quizzes. Do not disdain humour. Also, show videos of events you organise. Share the life of your business to give it a closer, more human character.

Create interesting content for your customers

Rather than constantly singing the praises of your business, do ask your visitors what they expect from your Facebook page?  Analyse what makes them react, what they share most. Be creative and opportunistic. Adopt good practices and take inspiration from other sectors. Look around you.

Respect your audience. Everyone does not have the same sense of humour. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to start a discussion or take a stand. Stand out with your clients for a common cause as you already know that they are here because of their interest.  So your task already gets easier.

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