Do you need someone to take care of your marketing strategy so that you can dedicate yourself to growing your business? You need to analyse the agency can solve your problems, help you get new clients, increase your income, in short, to achieve your goals, meet your plans, and overcome your challenges.

So, take a look at the following key points of your marketing strategy.

The team

Review the people who make up the agency, their credentials, and experience, who have the appropriate profiles to the work you need them to perform. Search their profiles on social networks to see their trajectory and capacity. Do you know what moves in your sector? Do you have your training up to date?

The Web

What impression does your website give you? Do you like it? Are you updated with content and technology? Pay attention to whether it is responsive if it still loads in Flash or the copyright of the footer puts 2010. Is it a coherent whole or just a couple of pages thrown in any way? An agency that puts hollow talkative on its website, can you communicate what your company is? Do they do what they preach?

Social network

Use LinkedIn to get to know the agency better. Search for basic data such as its location, areas of expertise, or recommendations. Explore their customers and analyse if what they do for them can be adapted to what you need. Do not forget to review your other social networks. If your balance on Twitter is 1,000 in a row and 80 followers, would you give them control of your profiles? If they do not publish more than a couple of things a quarter on Facebook or if there is no original, attractive and relational content, are they ideal for your company?

Empty promises

In the modern world, results take time. There are indeed things you can get quickly, but most marketing campaigns need time to build momentum. Inbound marketing works, but it is like a snowball that is rolling downhill: it gets bigger as it progresses. That is why it is convenient to get away from who promises quick results and take rabbits out of hat jackets in no time.


A good inbound marketing agency will take care of your marketing and sales strategies, offering you global solutions specially designed for your business, not a strategy based on a model that is ‘worthwhile for all.’ Surely if you think about it, you won’t want to buy a mass-produced product that might not work for you.

Proven experience

Do not work with an agency that cannot show you previous results, proven references, and proof of knowledge of its activity. You need a solvent partner, not someone who uses you to gain experience. Ask for references to other customers; surely you know someone who knows them.

Level of involvement

The agency may know your company and its needs when you hired it, and as time goes by, you realise that they are only there when you call them to ask for something. An agency involved with your business should be proactive and anticipate your needs, thus offering you a higher quality service and making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

You need to look up for ways and attain a maximum level of satisfaction before hiring the right marketing agency. As it is better to invest your time in the beginning rather than regretting later.

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