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A63 Digital is here for all your Google Ads agency needs

The return on investment from a well-planned Google ads campaign can be substantial, with some brands reporting impressive statistics. Such as a vegan product company measuring a 48% upturn in brand awareness, and a Google mobile advertising campaign bringing a 70% increase in sales for a kitchen and homeware company. Source

However, the key to seeing such a strong ROI is ‘well-planned’ campaigns. This largely revolves on creating a fruitful partnership with the best Google Ad agency for your brand. A63 Digital fits the bill, with its insights and experience in optimising paid for SEO activities.

A63 also knows how to blend your organic SEO and Google ad activities into a successful way to generate the right types and volume of traffic to your website.


What is the difference between organic and Google ads search support?

Your keyword choices, website architecture and content, and off-page SEO all attracts traffic to your pages naturally. It’s the ‘pull’ element of search engine optimisation.

Google Ads – the first thing that appears on search pages – provide the ‘push’ to boost lead generation. By putting your products and services right in front of your potential customers.

In expert hands of A63, this push is a powerful, measurably effective sales tool. A fundamental aspect for any successful Google Ad agency is an in-depth understanding of this complex digital marketing activity. Let’s explore some of the steps you would go through together.

A63 Digital

How Do Google Ads Work?

A fundamental aspect for any successful Google Ad agency is an in-depth understanding of this complex digital marketing activity. Let’s explore some of the steps you would go through together.

Google ads

Understand Ad Rank

This is basically the placement of your ad on the search engine results page (SERP). Some placements (starting at No.1) are more potent than others, depending on where they appear in relation to organic search lists. To secure the best ad ranking, you need to know how to bid for keywords.

Understand Bidding

Competition for the most effective keywords is understandably fierce. To secure them, you need to show how much you are willing to pay, either for individual keywords or ad groups/placement. This can be a bidding process tied to CPC (cost per click) or Target CPA (cost per action) which is a more strategic solution.

Decide on a Campaign Type

Having secured the ideal keywords for your campaign, the next step when working with an effective Google Ad agency would be to model the ads most likely to be noticed and to create a positive response from searchers. For example, ads integrated into search results, display ads that appear first on SERPS, or video ads.

Optimize Your CTR & CVR

The best Google Ad campaigns can be easily analysed, measured and amended as required. This hinges on your Click Through Rate (CTR) which shows the ratio between ad response and ad appearance. As the campaign progresses, a formula known as CVR can be used to calculate the number of conversions, measured against ad impressions.

Choose Between Search Results vs. Google Display Network

The differences between the way Google ads appear can be a key factor in meeting your campaign targets. Display ads and paid-for search posts perform in distinct ways.

Search results – organic and paid for – are the pull, attracting users to click on your link. An ad within Google’s Display Network creates a distinct, prominent placement for your sales pitch, creating a ‘push’ towards your pages.

Identify Target Keywords

Knowing the best keywords to use to create a successful digital ad campaign is crucial, and undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of engaging with a leading Google Ad agency.

Much of the skill used by A63 is in starting from the perspective of your customers, and what they are looking for, to create a targeted, specific and highly effective keyword matrix.

Launch Campaign & Drive Traffic!

Clearly, insightful preparation is the basis of a Google Ad campaign with a strong ROI. However, leading Google Ad Agency A63 doesn’t get complacent when campaigns go live either.

Constant analysis of traffic levels and lead conversion mean this agile and responsive Google expert can make adjustments as required.


How Do Google Ads Work?

The above shows the steps involved in achieving measurable lead capture and conversion from Google ad campaigns. How does A63 Digital apply its advanced knowledge and versatility to this process, to achieve impressive results for clients?

First, they are credited Google Partners who have the ‘inside track’ on how this technology giant structures successful ad campaigns.

Also, A63 Digital focuses on three main principles, to create and deliver Google ad campaigns with a high ROI. All of this activity is bespoke to each client and involves digging down on their brand, marketplace and business aims.

In essence, this involves:

Month 1 Test

This is an advanced audit of organic and paid for SEO techniques you use, especially gauging the performance of your current keywords.

From this, comes meaningful and focused website and Google ad improvements.

Month 2 Optimise

From testing the effectiveness of audit results, this successful Google ad agency would develop campaigns that optimise the findings, and which promise the best digital ad performance rates.

Month 3 Scale

The results from the first two months would be used to create effective Google ad campaigns, scaled up to match your budget and business aims.

Google Ads Services FAQ

Are Google Ads worth it?

When you design and deliver the best campaigns, Google ads are worth it, as they connect you to a limitless audience for your products or services. The key, is spending every penny wisely and well to get a powerful ROI.

Is there a monthly fee for Google Ads?

There is no sign-up cost to advertise on Google, and the budget for Google ads depends on the type and level of activity you engage in. Your spend will largely be framed by your keyword bids, ad type and click-through rate for live ads.

How do Google Ads work on websites?

Display ads work differently from search results. This type of Google ad appears on the search engine’s website – such as Maps – or on their partner websites. You pay according to the level of response achieved by your placement.

How much do Google Ads pay per view?

This links to what is Google CPV? Google Ads cost per view is a calculation of click-through rates from an advertising video, to YouTube for example, and uses factors including how long someone watches to create a budget requirement.

How much does Google charge per click?

The price of Google CPC (cost per click) or PPC (pay per click) campaigns depends on the value and ranking of the keywords chosen. Some keywords are relatively inexpensive, while others attract high bids on them.

Do Google Ads work for small businesses?

Google ads work for SMEs as this is an adjustable and responsive digital marketing activity. The level of the campaign – including keyword choices and ad placements – can be adjusted according to budget and business aims. Google ad agencies can also make campaigns scalable, to grow as profitability increases.

How much should I budget for Google Ads?

Creating a budget for Google ad agencies to use to generate sales leads depends on your business objectives and the current success rate of your organic SEO. For example, if natural lead generation is slowing, investing in a well-orchestrated Google ad campaign can create a significant sales boost.

Which is better Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

The widespread perception is that Google ads outperform Facebook ads when based on making successful keyword bids and optimised Ad rankings.

However, leading Google Ad agency A63 doesn’t do ‘off the shelf’ campaigns, and works in partnership with each client to tailor digital ads to budget, brand, buyer-behaviour and business aims.