Facebook Ads? Yes, No, Maybe?

Founded in 2004, Facebook has grown immensely. – It now has a worldwide audience of 2.27 billion users and 2.67 Million users in Ireland in 2018.”With such a huge platform, it was only a matter of time until advertising services were made available to everyone, from businesses to personalities, political parties, venues, artists, etc. Although it has great potential, it also needs to be used wisely to reap the best results. Otherwise, you will be spending money without seeing the benefits of that investment.

Although it has great potential, it also needs to be used wisely to reap the best results. Otherwise, you will be spending money without seeing the benefits of that investment since it’s so over saturated with user-generated content.
To utilize Facebook to its fullest potential, you need to consider if Facebook is the best advertising platform for the kind of business you’re promoting and if it’s the platform best fitting your campaign.

Should your product or service be very niche or elaborate, should the content you are generating and creating is not overly captivating, and if it’s a more functional and less lifestyle-oriented service or product, Facebook Ads are an avenue you should consider exploring.

For example, a plumber would probably benefit more from Google Ads instead, while a cultural event like a rock concert would have more engagement on Facebook Ads.

What advantages will it bring to my business?

With Facebook’s vast audience, you have a lot of people who you can reach through the platform. The service offers one of the cheapest ways of advertising online, and it’s straightforward to control how much money you spend on it.

Facebook also allows you to choose particular targets and demographics.

Meaning that, instead of investing money in ads that can reach a lot of people that are not relevant to your business, you can target your ads specifically to the kind of audience you want to achieve, which makes it a lot more cost effective.

You can customize your ads, the images and the text to improve your brand awareness and create a closer relationship with your audience.

You have a lot of tips and information provided by Facebook to guide you through the process of creating an ad or a campaign.

They have some great analytics tools that can help you measure the success of your campaign, or give you the information you need to make the necessary adjustments. You can see how many people are influenced by your campaign, how many people interacted, where they’re from, and how much it costs to reach them.

I’ve never created an Ad, should I give it a try anyway?

The answer is: you can, but probably you shouldn’t.

Like all forms of advertising, it helps if you know the basics so you can adequately craft an ad that’s going to create the desired effect on your audience. Facebook gives you information and tips on how to create these ads, but it’s always a safer bet to rely on the expertise of professionals in this area.

If you don’t feel very confident in your advertising skills, you can always reach out to digital marketing agencies (like, for example, us, Adfront). They will provide the design skills, copy writing skills, help you choose your target audience more effectively, and make sure that your advertising cost is kept to a minimum while not compromising on the conversion rate is as high as possible.

Defining the right objectives, choosing the correct ad settings to fulfill your goals, making it visually appealing with a Call-to-Action that is easy to understand – these are the things that a professional marketer can help you with.


The bottom line here is, Facebook Ads are affordable and have a wide audience you can benefit from. Facebook will give you a lot of feedback about how well your ads are performing so you can optimize them. All of this allows an advertiser to create a closer relationship with your audience — building trust, customer communications and driving sales all in one platform.

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