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Booking system Features

One step ahead

Client self-scheduling

Client self-scheduling offers several benefits for businesses as it helps to reduce no-shows and fill last-minute cancellations.

Scheduling systems can also bring in new customers as it eliminates the barrier of having to call at a specific time of day by allowing them to place a booking in their own time.

Differentiate your business from competitors with a self-scheduling booking system that can boost current customer satisfaction rates and improve the chances of customers being referred.

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Businesses can use automated messages to encourage customers to sign up for their loyalty programmes, welcome them to the business, or notify them about special deals or promotions.

You can choose to send these messages in bulk to save time or one at a time to initiate a more personalised service – the choice is yours. Automated messaging ensures you keep track of your customer communications and monitor messages that work well.

This paves the way for the creation of better marketing plans that capitalise on instant customer communications.

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Our online appointment systems allow you to create and manage promo codes straight from the admin panel. You can set conditional discounts that are automatically applied when a customer meets the established conditions.

Tailor your promotions to suit your business by determining a percentage or a fixed amount off, setting coupon expiration dates and usage limits, and specifying a minimum and maximum order amount for coupons.

Our promotions feature helps businesses keep track of customer payments and increase customer satisfaction.


Accept Payments

Implementing an express check-out as part of your online booking system makes your services more accessible to customers and clients. This feature also helps you keep better track of incomplete, pending and complete transactions so you can forecast monthly revenues and make better spending decisions.

Our booking systems allow you to customise the automatic payments feature and manually adjust payment details where necessary.

Group Events

This feature is great for businesses that want to benefit from large group sessions – such as gym classes, education courses, or group workshops and webinars. It allows customers to choose the number of persons they want to book for rather than having every customer enter their details separately.

This means they benefit from a group booking that shows up as one appointment and includes the details of all customers listed.

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Calendar Sync

Calendar syncing is a great way to increase team productivity and improve customer service in the process. You can customise how to display the team’s agenda for greater visibility – choosing daily, weekly or monthly layout modes.

This makes it easier to delegate workloads and prioritise deadlines. The calendar-syncing feature also allows you to manage employee hours and customer bookings in the same place, thereby reducing the amount of time you spend going between documents.

When a customer books an appointment, this automatically marks the time slot as ‘busy’ on your Google Calendar so you don’t have to worry about missing any changes.


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