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Bing Ads


Our Bing Ads process

At A63 Digital, we work closely with you to tailor your Bing Ads and manage them effectively. Our team of specialists guide you through the process so that we can make adjustments and modifications where necessary to ensure your advertising campaigns are reaching their desired audience efficiently. We take keyword research into consideration, as well as provide reports to inspect and monitor the overall progress and effectiveness of the Bing advertising campaigns.

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Here’s how our Bing Ads process works



The onboarding stage is a great way for us to find out about your brand and how our services can benefit you. We’ll discuss what we do for you, how we report our results and summarise general time frames so that you have a good idea of how long it will take for your campaigns to start showing results.


Identifying client needs

A large part of effective Bing advertising is finding the right messaging to convey to potential audiences. To do this, we take the time to identify your needs and devise ways to get your brand where it needs to be. This could focus on things like generating leads or sales online, improving brand awareness or generating more website traffic.


Drafting initial Bing advertising concepts

Once we have a good idea of what your goals are, we can set to work on finding ways to create powerful Bing advertising campaigns that meet your requirements. We provide initial concepts and ideas to give you a good idea of how it will look before moving forward. If you’d like any adjustments to these concepts, we’d make our first stage of revisions here.


Creating and promoting Bing Ads

The first few iterations of Bing advertising campaigns are started slowly at first, which allows us to monitor the results and track engagement. It’s a good opportunity for us to reflect on what’s working well and what adjustments need to be made. We can fix issues quickly at this stage because of the slow rate that we start the campaign. After this initial slow phase, we optimise the campaign further before scaling up to yield the best results.

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Measuring and performance analysis

Tracking the overall performance of the campaigns is pivotal to its success of it, as we can make changes if things aren’t working as planned. We create regular reports on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the overall performance of campaigns. This allows us to effectively track Bing advertising campaigns and offer total transparency throughout the process.

Bing Ads frequently asked questions

Is Bing advertising worth it?

Absolutely, Bing Ads are often overlooked by companies looking for attention online, but they’re missing out on a large pool of potential customers in the process. Bing Ads are less populated and therefore less competitive, which gives you a greater opportunity to get noticed. There’s a higher conversion rate and lower cost-per-click when compared to Google, too. The only consideration is that Bing Ads have less traffic, so it can be hard to scale.

Which is better: Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads have their place in an effective advertising campaign, but for different purposes. Google Ads offers better scaling in advertising thanks to its popularity and high traffic. The cost-per-click and lower competition make Bing Ads equally viable for campaigns. So they both have different purposes, and one isn’t any better than the other.

How much do Bing Ads cost?

The cost of Bing Ads varies from a few cents to a few euros, depending on a number of unique factors that relate to the industry that your brand inhabits. Other factors include the overall competitiveness of the industry, your website and text creatives.

How do you advertise on Bing?

Due to the slightly less popular nature of Bing, it’s best to use a professional agency such as A63 Digital. Agencies like ourselves understand the best tools to use when it comes to generating traffic through Bing Ads and targeting the right keywords for your campaigns. Our team of specialists are also available to provide you with guidance and advice on how to grow your business online.

Do Bing Ads appear on Yahoo?

Yes, as of 2020 Bing Ads and Yahoo! have established a partnership. For full details of this partnership, you can read more here.