Adfront's happy clients: Sweeney's Garage

Client: Sweeneys Garage

Sweeney’s Garage are one of the most well known car and light commercial vehicle servicing provider in Ireland.
They provide a range of services to keep customers on the road including: tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, exhausts, N.C.T pre testing, diagnostics, electrics, alternators, clutch replacement, full engine re builds, full gear box re builds and crash repairs.

Established in 2001, Sweeneys have expanded into three locations: Ballyfermot, Dublin City Centre and Tallaght with the garage in Dublin City Centre supplying tyres to Dubliners for over 30 years.

Sweeneys are active members of the community and do their bit for charity. In each garage they contribute to the local community. In their tallaght garage for example they sponsor their local youth team Kilnamanagh rockets. In August 2017. 2018, and this year 2019 garage owner Greig Sweeney and his wife Anna organized a Roundstone For Fun charity event where they helped raise €20.000+’for the National Breast Cancer Research Institute and the development of roundstone community centre a brilliant achievement for a great cause. See

The Brief

Sweeneys Garage contacted Adfront with the view to improving their online presence and visibility.
On the website, Adfront found multiple issues including:

  1. SEO Issues – Meta description, keywords and its overall structure was not optimized. This means search engines can’t understand the content of your page.
    In the result of this is that the client can’t achieve his maximum potential because it doesn’t appear on Google and when it appears, it shows his brand for the wrong queries.

  2. No analytics tool installed – Website analytics tools such as Google Analytics assist you in measuring, analyzing and ultimately improving traffic to your website. Nowadays, it is critical to have it, in order to understand your main sources, your best channels, number of calls and so on.

  3. Images not optimized – Properly formatting and compressing images can have a significant impact on page load performance.

  4. No Click To Call – This is important for people viewing on mobile, they should be able to click a button to get straight through to a business.

  5. User Experience – The User Experience was poor. In our research, we found multiple issues for users to navigate on the website through mobile.
    We also found multiple broken links and missed pages on the website.

At Adfront we believe the Client is the first priority. After a number of extensive conversations with the owner, Greig Sweeney, we agreed it was best that we build a new website for Sweeneys Garage to fix the above issues and more. This would allow us to give the garage the improved online presence and visibility he craved.

Our Strategy

Many clients use digital platforms to increase their revenue. We knew that for Sweeneys Garage it was the opposite, his website was stopping him getting jobs online.
We saw that this website would contain a lot of pages and as a result would take a lot of time, but we knew it would be worthwhile in order to showcase the excellent work of Sweeneys Garage.

As a team, we put a lot of effort in this task and we decided to focus on the following issues among others including:

  1. SEO – For a website like Sweeneys with so many pages, it is pivotal that each page is correctly and adequately SEO enabled so they can be found on search engines.
    We decided to make this one of our main priorities. Currently, Google is our main source of traffic and Sweeneys is getting a high volume of visits from queries related with specific jobs.

  2. Click To Call – As this was one of the biggest issues on Sweeneys previous website, we knew this had to be rectified.
    This was particularly critical for Sweeneys because of the three garages. Customers obviously want to reach a certain garage, we ensured they were able to do this.
    So, everytime someone visits Sweeneys Garage website it is up to the client to select the right garage to call.

  3. A Booking Form – We felt it would be beneficial to create a booking form for Sweeneys so customers can book appointments online such as Pre-Nct and DOE test.

  4. Branding Values – In everything we did, Sweeneys brand’s concept was always there. This assures we show the potential client what Sweeneys Garage stands for: the best professionals, dedicated team, fast servicing and fair pricing. This is essential if we want the user to have the same look and feel all over the website.


  5. Overall Performance – Establishing UX, Speed tests, Mobile Responsive, Low Size Images, we worked in every area in order to get the best performance for our client.


  6. Google Ads campaign – We thought it would be foolish to have a brand new website and not bring any traffic to it through Google.
    We wanted to maximize the number of people who see his new website, so we did an extensive research of the market and we applied the best practices in order to get the best from his campaigns.


Sweeneys Results had improved in the last 15 days, receiving 58 calls . More than 10% of our total paid clicks are calls. This is impressive and makes a huge difference for Sweeneys Garage.

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