A digital marketing briefing

When you’re putting together a digital marketing briefing it is essential to align your marketing goals with the digital agency you hire, as well as all stakeholders involved in the business. It serves as a blueprint providing you with the basic structure to achieve your desired strategic digital marketing goals – in a way that all parties involved can easily understand these goals.

 This may be challenging considering you will need to have an understanding of certain concepts you’re not an expert in.

What is your company’s story?

Describe to the agency what your mission as a company is, provide background information and context, so the agency can understand the roots and true purpose of your business.  Providing a story to the agency will give them a deeper understanding of your brands identity. Get into a more detailed explanation of your overarching business goals and make those always as clear as possible.

Who is your target audience, and where are they?

Consumers today use so many different digital sources for information and influence.  It’s important to understand which platforms your target audience can be found. To truly understand who your customers are, how and where they spend their time online; include in your briefing either existing personas your company has already crafted or give enough data about your customers to allow the agency to develop their own personas.

You can get a better understanding of your audience by using various surveys and polls. You can also, of course, use data from websites dedicated to collecting consumer data to develop your personas since it includes detailed audience demographics of brands similar to yours.

What are your digital marketing objectives?

It is absolutely crucial to be very specific about what it is you want to achieve.  Maybe you would like to increase brand awareness among a specific market. Or to improve the consideration statistics and conversion rates. Maybe you would like to focus on your existing customers and work on retaining them. Or maybe you’re looking to penetrate into a completely new market. If you are very clear about what you plan to achieve by collaborating with this marketing agency, the more likely you will achieve the desired outcome.

What are the emotions you want to evoke in your customers with this project?

It’s important to provide the agency with reasons and rationale as to why customers should trust you and your product, subscribe to your feed, follow your business online or buy your product. Emotional marketing generates the most feedback, and it is what usually makes content go viral. Viral campaigns such as the ALS Foundation’s #Icebucket challenge and Disney’s #Shareyourears raised awareness through tapping into customer emotions, and you can use these campaigns and many others for inspiration.

What is the message you want to convey and how?

Every business has a brand identity, a consistent tone and message that is behind each different type of content shared. The agency should know and understand this as it will help to carry out and enhance the brand identity you have worked so hard to build.

What are the channels you currently use? Are they successful?

Prioritise the channels you are currently using that provide the most engagement with customers. Provide detailed KPIs to the agency along with any other metric information you can regarding that subject.

Let them know if you want them to focus on those, or are willing to experiment with other channels. If you know your audience and your message – the channel selection should fall into place.

What is the time frame for your digital marketing project?

You should know when you want to complete this by, as in most cases timing is imperative. Maybe your product or service is more relevant for a specific season, or there is a major event or holiday coming up. You and your agency must have deadlines in place to ensure a smooth and successful process and have all the material you need completed and approved until then.

What is your end goal for the digital marketing campaign or set of campaigns?

Once a timeline is in place, provide what your end goals are for the digital marketing efforts. Try to always be as clear as possible about your goals, and translate them into something feasible and tangible for the agency. Would you like to gain 10,000 new subscribers? Generate $15,000 in new online purchases? You must clarify your goals so the agency knows what to aim for.

Who are your major competitors?

Every industry has competition, and you must know who your competitors are. Benchmark several aspects of your company VS those same aspects of those brands. An explanation of what the value proposition of your product or service is that it can help the agency craft campaigns that use their weaknesses and build on your strengths. There are several tools online that you can use to do this bench marking.

A detailed brief which answers these questions, will provide your chosen digital agency with the effective background to put together a plan to achieve your marketing goals. After you and your agency have answered these questions and you are in sync, you can get the ball rolling on your digital campaign. However, it doesn’t end there; be sure to conduct ongoing meetings, follow-up calls and ask for feedback often. The brief is just the initial step of a long collaborative process.

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