6 impressive startups in Dublin

The way Dublin has evolved in the past years is inspiring to say the least. Not too long ago, the city was far from being considered the ideal place to move to and start your career. Right now it has some of the most inviting workplaces around making it a prime choice for the ambitious and talented.

The startup ecosystem is thriving and is one of the liveliest, with the greatest potential for growth in the world. There are numerous startups with very promising ideas to solve problems for both businesses and people alike.

Here are some of the most remarkable Dublin startups to keep your eyes on at the moment.


Blockchain is one of the biggest digital trends as transparency in tech is also becoming increasingly important.

Founded in Dublin in 2015, Piprate gives insurance companies a way to share customer data with trust, accountability and transparency using blockchain-backed data wallets and APIs that enable secure transfers and data traceability between business partners.

Piprate aims to make insurance data sharing a lot safer and more efficient while contributing to compliance initiatives.

Piprate is actively engaged in Ireland’s Fintech and Insurtech communities. It is an active supporter of InsurTech Ireland, part of the Global InsurTech Alliance.

Website: www.Piprate.com


Cesanta has been around since 2013 and has its headquarters in Dublin, and is currently comprised of talent from some of the most relevant tech giants in Ireland like Google and Twitter.
They work with multiple Fortune 500 companies like Amazon’s AWS as well as SMEs, providing them with embedded software and hardware with a focus on connected products and Internet of Things.

Their notorious client roster is enough proof that their products deliver what they promise: innovative solutions that prioritize safety and quality.

Website: www.Cesanta.com


The U.S. based tech giant has been in Dublin since 2013. Hubspot is now expanding their headquarters in the Irish capital, they employ nearly 600 people and are expected to keep, as they say, “growing better”. They are considered to be one of the best places to work in the city even when compared to other big players like Google and Facebook.

They offer inbound marketing solutions, focusing primarily on the customers and their needs rather than relentlessly bombarding them with products, sales and offers that don’t take these factors into account.

Website: www.Hubspot.com


Trezeo was founded in 2016 by Fintech veterans Garrett Cassidy and Flavien Charlon.

This groundbreaking startup was made with the self-employed worker in mind. Their goal is to smooth out the fluctuations that independent workers go through with their payments.

It will also provide emergency cash for unexpected events and will use data analytics and machine learning to identify, encourage and reward good financial behaviour. Based on their earnings, they agree on a regular wage and this is paid regardless of fluctuations in income.

They’re testing their product and plan to grow their business exponentially in the following years.

Website: www.Trezeo.com


This startup might be in its development stage, but they provide a service that will prove useful to many on a global scale. Chris Lynch founded Dwelldown after his own disappointing experiences with renting in Dublin after moving there for work with his family.

It has an increasingly larger number of tenants in mind, and it’s like a Trip Advisor for those looking to rent a place who don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises after doing so. It provides an open and neutral platform that allows tenants to rate the rental experience on the basis of overall quality, comfort, communication, amenities and neighbourhood.

It also provides tools to make the job of those in the real estate business easier.

Website: www.DwellDown.com


Udemy is the go-to for online courses provided by seasoned professionals from professional areas ranging from Tech to Marketing, Photography, Design, Business, etc and it’s always on the lookout for new talent.

Last year it was awarded as one of the best companies to work for. That means, not only will you be doing the very rewarding job of allowing people from all backgrounds to learn something new and useful to them, you will have great conditions to do it too.

One of the many wonderful things about Dublin is that regardless of your preferences in terms of company culture or personal goals, there are plenty of interesting and captivating projects taking place in the city.

With some research and with the help of some crowdsourced information, you will without a doubt find the perfect fit for your career and life plans.

Website: www.Udemy.com

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