3 things to consider improving in your business

If you wish to know what improves the overall impact of your business, then you need to take into account the needs of your customers. When you shape your business strategies in such a way that attracts your customers, your business tends to improve. Never have companies paid so much attention to the satisfaction of their customers. Why have satisfied customers become strategic for businesses? What are the challenges of customer satisfaction? Without forgetting the central question: how to satisfy its customers? Why is customer satisfaction good for your business?


Why customer satisfaction becomes the central node of the activity?

We tend to forget that interest in customer satisfaction is relatively recent. Customer satisfaction has been gaining momentum over the last fifteen to twenty years. Why?

The main reason is to look for changes in the economic context: globalization and the exacerbation of competition. A company that occupies a monopoly position does not need to worry about the satisfaction of its customers. In any case, they have no choice, and they stay, whether they are satisfied or not.

In a highly competitive environment, where several companies share the same market and offer similar products, satisfying the customer becomes a central objective. Companies that are not interested in customer satisfaction run the risk of seeing some of them go to a competitor. The clientele is no longer captive, and it is volatile.

Satisfying its customers reduces this volatility.  Taking customer satisfaction into account helps to create more loyal customers who buy more, or more frequently. It is the main benefit of customer satisfaction.

Remember to consider periods: if your business is recurring or if your business is seasonal

If the seasons have a big impact on the sales of your business, be sure to remember to take them into account when you make your sales forecast. An ice-cream vendor will likely make more sales during the summer.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers to better satisfy them

To satisfy your customers, you first have to change your mind and place yourself from the point of view of your customer.  It implies developing an active listening of the customer, to be attentive to his opinion, positive or negative, to solicit his returns. It is called adopting a customer-centric approach.

A satisfied customer is a customer who brings a positive experience to your business.  This experience is built upon the interactions that occur between the customer and the company.

Customer satisfaction requires, first of all, a state of mind, the establishment of customer culture, the development of a careful and systematic listening of your customers. Only then can you place yourself in the minds of your customers and better understand their expectations and make them happy.

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