10 business twitter accounts

The world wide web is vast and full of information that can be extremely helpful for an entrepreneur. So much so that it can be overwhelming to know which sources are to be trusted, what information is relevant and will actually help improve your business.

Thankfully, Twitter is the social media platform where you can follow the curated contents of people who have been around for long and are at the forefront of business, marketing or whatever area you’re interested in. It even allows you to directly interact with them if you want to. Some might even be willing to answer any questions or doubts you may have regarding your business.

Here are some suggestions of Twitter accounts that you should follow if you want your newsfeed to be filled with relevant content that will help you grow.

1. Forbes Magazine | @Forbes

15.3 million followers

Forbes is one of the most notorious business magazines worldwide. It provides great tips for small businesses among other types of news, lists and profiles on inspiring people.

2. Entrepreneur Magazine | @Entrepreneur

3.4 million followers

Whether you’re a startup or a business with a few years under your belt, Entrepreneur Magazine is a great source of reliable and interesting business news and tips. They also have an account for young business owners under 35 years old called @YoungEnt.

3. Business Matters @BizMattersmag


Business Matters is the UK’s leading magazine for entrepreneurs and owners of SMES. If you are a UK based entrepreneur, it’s a great idea to follow more specific news source so you can stay on top of your game.

4.Derek Sivers @sivers


Derek Sivers is a writer and programmer with a very refreshing mindset towards business. His tweets and blog posts are insightful, interesting and unique.

5. Marissa Mayer @marissamayer


Marissa Mayer is the current CEO of Yahoo! and one influential woman that everyone should follow. With a Net worth of $300 million, the former Google executive has the immense responsibility of bringing Yahoo! back into the market. Fabulous entrepreneur to learn from on social media.

6. Chris Ducker @chrisducker


Chris has a refreshing perspective on business. Instead of focusing on putting in more hours, Ducker helps entrepreneurs leverage their time and talent to get more done in less time. His best-selling book, “Virtual Freedom,” is a must-read and his tweets demonstrate his genuine caring for his audience and his dedication to sharing great resources.

7. Ann Handley @MarketingProfs


Ann Handley is considered one of the most influential women in the marketing world. Her company Marketing Profs offers both training as well as efficient and accessible marketing tips to grow your business.

8. Small Biz Trends @SmallBizTrends


Owned and managed by Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends is a very popular website on topics marketing, management, technology, and financial advice for small businesses.

9. Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady


Melinda Emerson is from Philadelphia and calls herself the Small Biz Lady due to her extensive knowledge in how to build a successful small business. Forbes named Melinda the #1 most influential woman for entrepreneurs. She’s an expert on digital and brick-and-mortar marketing.

10. Steve Strauss @stevestrauss


If you’re setting up your own small business or startup, you should definitely be following this man. Author of The Small Business Bible, Steve Strauss is constantly tweeting useful advice and tips for startups, as well as news on relevant issues like funding.

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